2018-04-18      Supremo Remote Desktop Control privilege escalation (SH-027-20180418)

2017-07-27      Friends in War Make or Break 1.7 - Unauthenticated admin password change (SH-026-20170726)

2016-11-23      UCanCode multiple vulnerabilities (SH-025-20161123)

2015-09-22      Konica Minolta FTP Utility directory traversal vulnerability (SH-024-20150922)

2014-12-15      Panasonic Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Lite Activex remote code execution (SH-023-20130123)

2014-12-04      Samsung SmartViewer STWConfig ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (ZDI-14-400)

2013-01-23      Aloaha PDF Crypter ( activex arbitrary file overwrite (SH-022-20130123)

2012-10-26      Aladdin Knowledge System Ltd. PrivAgent ActiveX Control 2.0 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities (SH-021-20121026)

2012-05-28      LibreOffice 3.5.3 - crash when FILEOPEN particular .rtf (SH-020-20120528)

2012-04-24      BeyondCHM 1.1 Buffer Overflow (SH-019-20120424)

2012-04-23      Mobipocket Reader version 6.2 Build 608 Buffer Overflow (SH-018-20120423)

2012-04-23      SumatraPDF v2.0.1 chm and mobi files memory corruption (SH-017-20120423)

2012-04-16      LibreOffice - soffice.exe\soffice.bin memory corruption (SH-016-20120416)

2012-02-09      PeerBlock 1.1 BSOD (SH-015-20120209)

2012-01-30      avast! 6.0 Real time protection bypassing (SH-014-20120130)

2011-12-14      Mozilla Firefox 7/8 Denial of Service (Memory Corruption?) (SH-013-20111214)

2011-09-22      Microsoft Office Word 2007 Denial of Service (Memory Corruption?) (SH-012-20110922)

2011-06-30      Valve Steam Client Application v1559/1559 Local Privilege Escalation (reloaded) (SH-011-20110630)

2011-06-24      Mozilla Firefox 5.0 xul.dll (ver. Memory Corruption (SH-010-20110624)

2011-05-24      Legacy Family Tree ActiveBar ActiveX Control Vulnerabilities (Secunia)

2011-01-19      Sumatra PDF v1.2 Memory Corruption Exploit (SH-009-20110119)

2010-10-26      VLC Multimedia Plug-in and/or Activex 1.1.4 MRL handler remote buffer overflow (SH-008-20101026)

2010-10-19      VLC Multimedia Firefox Plug-in 1.1.4 non-existant file memory corruption (SH-007-20101019)

2010-09-14      Microsoft Color Control Panel (colorcpl.exe) dll hijacking (SH-006-20100914)

2010-09-14      Ultr@VNC Viewer (vncviewer.exe) dll hijacking reloaded (SH-005-20100914)

2010-09-14      VLC Media Player 1.1.4 (vlc.exe) dll hijacking reloaded (SH-004-20100914)

2010-09-14      Wireshark 1.4.1 (wireshark.exe) dll hijacking reloaded (SH-003-20100914)

2010-09-14      Wireshark 1.4.1 (dumpcap.exe) dll hijacking reloaded (SH-002-20100914)

2010-07-16      Haihaisoft PDF Reader OCX Control Remote Buffer Overflow (SH-001-20100714)

OLD             EMC Captiva ISIS PixTools (PixTools 2.2 Distributed Imaging) Arbitrary File Creation/Overwrite

OLD             VMware Authorization Service <= 2.5.3 (vmware-authd.exe) Format String DoS

OLD             Quick 'n Easy Mail Server 3.3 (Demo) Remote Denial of Service

OLD             Norton Ghost Support module for EasySetup wizard Remote DoS/Arbitrary code execution(?)

OLD             Java SE Runtime Environment - JRE 6 Update 13 Multiple Vulnerabilities

OLD             AwingSoft Web3D Player (WindsPly.ocx) "SceneURL()" Remote Buffer Overflow

OLD             Microsoft Office Data Source Control 9.0 (MSOWC.DLL) Null Pointer DoS

OLD             Yahoo! CD Player (YoPlyCd.dll) Remote Stack Overflow

OLD             Microsoft GDI+ TIFF Memory Corruption Vulnerability

OLD             Zervit Webserver 0.3 Remote Denial Of Service

OLD             Viscom Software Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX 6.8 Remote Buffer Overflow

OLD             Haihaisoft Universal Player ActiveX Control Remote Buffer Overflow